The Norwegian Resource Centre for Arts and Health was established in July 2014; and is a collaboration between Nord university, Nord-Trøndelag County Council, Levanger municipality, The Nord-Trøndelag Health Study and Helse Nord-Trøndelag.

The centre´s primary mandate is to bring forth an even better interaction between research, education and practice in the fields of arts and health. It´s important that measures taken in the fields of arts and health are backed by research, and hence generate new knowledge and new and improved working methods.

The Centre will be collaborating with researchers and specialist groups in the fields of arts and health, both in Norway and abroad.

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The Lancet
The Lancet is one of the world’s leading medical journals. In November, 2014; one of their issues dealt with the topic of Culture, arts and health.
Please read the summary or the whole issue by following this link.

Implementing culture in the care of people suffering from dementia, is one of the areas we work with.
You can read the Government’s Dementia Plan here.

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Arts & Health South West
Arts & Health South West is an information, support and advocacy organization for everyone who believes in the value of creativity in enchanging health and wellbeeing.
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