Arts&Health: Promoting wellbeing through creativity

Av Marthe Haugdal | 14. mai 2019

What role can the arts have in facilitating health and well-being? How can engaging in music, writing and other forms of creativity contribute to self-expression and healthy ageing? 

Thursday 9 May researchers within welfare technology, creative writing and neurology talked about current research projects and discuss different perspectives on the topic at this mini-seminar at The Medicine and Health Library, NTNU, Trondheim.

Here is the videorecording of the event



Presentation of The Norwegian Resource Centre for Arts and Health 

by Odd Håpnes


Music and the aging brain. Can music help us age better?

By Joan Vidal Crespi

SENSE-GARDEN: Personalised and immersive spaces for people with dementia

by Artur Serrano

Beyond physical space: Creating environments for emotional connection 

by Gemma Goodall

Writing about the (poetic) nuances of life. Why does it matter for our mental health? 

by Olga Lehmann


Questions and discussion

The seminar was facilitated by The Medicine and Health Library.


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